• Ones, who have chosen bombs, shall be punished.

    Drop acid, not bombs!

    Since Hitler, Vladimir Putin is the greatest threat to freedom and democracy. We're at war, and you're being attacked even though you haven't yet heard the sound of a rocket approaching your family. Stand alongside your Ukrainian brothers and sisters, and with God's help, we shall triumph over evil.   NGO Blue/Yellow supports Ukraine, its Armed Forces and the civil population in Donbass area since 2014. They have provided almost 1 million USD worth of humanitarian aid and military equipment. Members in the organization have been decorated several times by Ukrainian civil and military authorities. Blue/Yellow is founded in Lithuania, Baltic States but has established a wide network of friends and partners, in Ukraine and internationally. Donate 20$ to Blue-Yellow now and help Ukraine:

    Take part in the cyber warfare against Putin regime Russian war crimes against Ukraine