John Shealy Ph.D.

Anxiety / Depression / Kentucky / Psychotherapist / United States

I am a Clinical Psychologist with an Integral approach to psychotherapy and life coaching (i.e. Ken Wilber). My approach is holistic and whole-person, taking into account lifestyle variations and personal interests in terms of life goals. Through spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing and development, as well as daily adjustment and meaning-of-life issues, I assist my clients in achieving their personal goals. The Integral “meta-map” covers several facets of how one sees the world, how they find their place in it, and how they perceive their diverse experiences in light of their personal viewpoints, normal states of consciousness, and developmental stages.

My approach includes consideration of family-of-origin and trauma history, education level, physical health and whatever else has influence over one’s overall sense of wellness. This comprehensive approach allows psychedelic experiences to be integrated effectively into a rich meaningful and rewarding life – discovering the silver Light lining in the clouds and bringing this Light into the everyday experience of living.



Phone: +1 (502) 727-2996