Kyle Keller

Anxiety / Minnesota / Psychotherapist / United States

I rely on methods, principles, and practices from a variety of psychological and philosophical perspectives, scientific models, and art forms. The resources, techniques, and ideas we use are presented in your “language,” perspective, and style, so you feel linked and understood as you explore the various pathways to a meaningful interaction with your life, beliefs, and relationships.

My goal is to be a growth facilitator, witnessing, encouraging, and participating in others’ self-discovery, healing, challenging, and transformation. We use imagination to work together to discover your specific path to knowledge, connection, power, and meaning depth.

Trauma (of every kind), mood disorders, anxiety, grief/loss, relationship issues/attachment and personality, spiritual challenges, and severe and chronic mental disorders are all areas in which I have worked. I am an excellent listener, partner, and analyst with over 12 years of experience dealing with a wide range of struggles, disputes, and other aspects of human distress.



+1 (651) 419-3909