Mary Gresham

Atlanta / Georgia / Psychotherapist / United States

Since I was a freshman psychology major at Tulane 50 years ago, I’ve been intrigued by the human mind. I’m still learning, developing, and researching new ways to help people heal. – of us has a desire to improve and develop into our true self. I admire the risks we all take in order to discover and harness our desire for wellbeing and authenticity.

My office is in Atlanta, and I prefer to meet with clients in person. Experiential and humanistic approaches are the main methods I employ. To use alternative states of consciousness to heal ourselves, we must first determine our own intentions and preparations, as well as our own materials and guides, as well as our own tools to incorporate what we have learned. I may assist with the planning and integration phases of the project, but not with the securing of materials or directing. I’m hoping that there will be more options for all of us soon.

Phone: +1 (404) 320-6510