Shannon Myers

Iowa / Marriage and family / Psychotherapist / United States

Mindfulness and holistic tools are used to unite the mind, body, and spirit for self-healing and wholeness. You are an expert in your own right. My job is to listen and provide guidance and resources for your personal experience. (It’s also worth noting that my practice is trauma-informed.) Many journeys can be both profoundly transformative and profoundly perplexing. Integration is the secret to incorporating what you’ve seen or experienced into your own personal life experience. Since a journey can lead to spiritual awakening, Dark Night of the Soul, existential crisis, or trauma, you may find yourself questioning a lot of things.

Self-Actualization lends itself to the process of unlearning and self-discovery. This can be extremely hard without tools, resources, or support.

From a coaching perspective, we could work together to collaborate and co-create your unique roadmap to integrate your journey into your life for meaning and purpose. Everything can heal once we integrate all aspects of ourselves, have sacred space to ask hard questions and try out new behaviors. It just takes a little effort, some non-judgment, support, humor, and radical self-acceptance. After just one session, you will walk away with individual tools that you can use to integrate what has been seen in the journey into your daily life.



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