Psychedelic therapy in Europe 

Despite recent scientific discoveries about the efficacy of entheogens in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders, legal psychedelic therapy in Europe is an expensive venture. Limited availability, regulatory constraints, and a scarcity of expertise in the field are unusual roadblocks, given that the medicine has an extraordinarily high safety rating and is quite easy to purchase or grow.

For thousands of years, humanity used psychedelics for healing, a rite of passage, or religious rituals. While Indigenous communities have used psychedelic for centuries, psychedelic therapy is relatively new in the Western world. Although plant medicine is a part of the New Age movement, the growing body of scientific evidence with astonishingly positive mental health outcomes in clinical trials promises a revolution in mainstream medicine.

So what is Psychedelic therapy? It is far more than a simple consumption of psychedelic plants or compounds. In fact, the psychedelic experience itself could be less important than the successful integration. According to science, psychedelics relax our deeply rooted subconscious beliefs, that imprison our minds in the patterns of negative thinking. In contrast to the SSRI antidepressants, psychedelics do not suppress the limbic system – the oldest part of the brain. Rather than blunting emotions, these compounds promote openness, acceptance, and mindfulness: a person feels a wider range of emotions, and as it turns out, it correlates with the decrease of depressive symptoms.

Usually, during the psychedelic session, a facilitator just holds space and intervenes only if needed. The psychedelic session relies on the music. It is the therapist, the guide, the healing power.

The ambiguous status of psychedelics keeps the therapy expensive, however, an Integration and Harm reduction approach encompasses a lot of opportunities for mental health professionals to provide sufficient care for people, who have failed to find appropriate depression treatment and decided to self-medicate with psychedelics. Spain is one of the better countries for psychedelic self-medication.

In Spain, magic mushrooms are prohibited. Personal usage in a private area, on the other hand, is decriminalized here, which means you can still be fined but no longer face criminal penalties. You can freely possess or produce magic mushrooms, as long as you can demonstrate that you have no intention of selling or distributing them.

Psychedelic therapy in Tenerife

Harm reduction and integration

Psilocybin, a therapeutic compound, found in naturally occurring magic mushrooms is a scientifically proven safest psychoactive substance, that possesses the powerful potential of treating a variety of mental conditions, including depression, PTSD, addictions, and anxiety.

Tenerife is a Canary Island, with perfect weather all year round, where you can find a handful of Ayahuasca retreats and magic mushroom ceremonies. In the Canaries, one could choose from a variety of available options for a group, or individual retreat based on personal preference and therapeutic goals. Our international team of dedicated and experienced professionals can help you design the most suitable psychedelic therapy in Tenerife depending on your needs and budget.

In recent clinical trials, a high dose of psilocybin showed a significant advantage against one of the most effective SSRI antidepressants for treatment-resistant depression. Although these kinds of therapies are experimental, the wide recreational and scientific use of psychedelics before the ban provides important clues about the high safety profile of these compounds.

We strongly emphasize the therapy part, not the psychedelics. A good preparation, intentions, and integration, together with an ideal set and setting, maintained by the facilitators are the key elements of the life-improving therapeutic journey into one’s self. Plant medicine is also medicine, so it does not come without certain risks and the line between therapy and intoxication is remarkably thin. Psychedelic compounds are arguably the most powerful tool that science has ever discovered for kickstarting the positive changes in the brain.

The therapeutic journey 

Healing from traumas, burdens of the past, and the future, foremost is a spiritual path, backed by the new discoveries of neuroscience and psychiatry. The intersection between science and spirituality is the sweet spot, where our personal evolution is enabled for the lift-off.

We carefully designed the therapeutic process that starts with the seed, because growing your medicine is the first step in a spiritual journey.

Psychedelics are not for everyone. To assess the possible risks and positive outcomes we invite you to a video meeting with one of our experienced professionals. We will update you about the latest advancements of psychedelic clinical trials, talk about your motivation and current mental state. If needed, we’ll provide you with a list of psychedelic-friendly psychotherapists or psychiatrists, that could help you to set your goals and prepare for the psychedelic experience within a harm-reduction spirit

Psychedelic therapy should not be spiced with paranoia about violating the law. Fortunately, Spain has decriminalized the personal consumption of psychedelics and you can use a grow kit to prepare your medicinal mushrooms in the course of 2-3 days. A warm place is the only thing you have to care about.

A cordial conversation with facilitators in the setting, where your therapy will take place, is a crucial part of preparation. You should trust the people who take care of you under the influence of psychedelics in a familiar and safe environment.

If your medicine of choice is mushrooms, you will be under the influence for approximately 4-6 hours, which means that for the session you need to plan a full day.

Consumption of psychedelics leads to greater brain plasticity, which is not a goal itself. Integration is a crucial part of the psychedelic experience. It’s an effort to implement psychedelic insights into ordinary life.

Scientific evidence of psychedelic therapy

Under current regulations, the majority of research is funded by well-capitalized private businesses, who also dominate the agenda and drive international drug policies to a great extent.

Addiction treatment
Psilocybin, the main compound in magic mushrooms, has shown impressively positive results in treating anxiety in people living with terminal illnesses.
General well-being
Psilocybin, the main compound in magic mushrooms, has shown impressively positive results in treating anxiety in people living with terminal illnesses.