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    Despite the huge therapeutic potential, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is not part of Alabama's standard medical care yet. Self-medicating with psychedelics can produce undesired results, but despite that, more and more people feel disappointed with the efficacy of the current treatments and they turn to risky, but potentially more beneficial psychedelic-assisted therapy. The goal of this guide is harm reduction for people, who decided to self-medicate, we don’t encourage possession or consumption of illicit substances even for therapeutic endeavors.

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Psychedelics – assisted psychotherapy in Alabama

Legal status of psychedelics in Alabama

Since drug possession charges in Alabama are classified as a class C felony, they will result in a sentence of 1 to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000. Furthermore, an Alabama drug possession arrest results in a criminal conviction on your record, the loss of voting rights, and the loss of the right to own a weapon. If you are convicted of drug abuse in Alabama, you can lose your driver’s license and driving privileges for a period of time. Furthermore, an Alabama drug abuse conviction includes special fines, penalties, and costs that the judge could impose if you are found guilty.

Further, Alabama drug possession charges can result in treatment under the Alabama habitual offender. However, Alabama’s new sentencing guidelines now apply to simple possession charges. The new Furthermore, drug abuse charges in Alabama will lead to treatment under the Alabama chronic offender law. Alabama’s new sentencing guidelines, on the other hand, now extend to simple possession offenses. The current Alabama sentencing guidelines have a huge influence on the chances of spending time in prison.

Alabama does not have a general drug testing law, but it does have a drug-free workplace law. Under this law, employees or applicants for jobs must be informed — one time only, before the drug testing.

Surprisingly, magic mushroom spores are still legal in Alabama, as they are in the majority of the United States. Since magic mushroom spores do not contain psilocybin, those who possess them are not in violation of the controlled substances act. Although the spores do not contain the psychoactive ingredient psilocybin, as the spores expand into mycelium, this ingredient becomes a part of the spores. When spores grow and become true mushrooms in the conventional sense, they will contain the substance that gives magic mushrooms their psychoactive properties. They become criminalized once more under federal and state law at this stage.

The safest way to obtain psychedelics in Alabama

Today, anyone can join ONAC for $200 and obtain a membership card that gives them the legal right to possess and ingest small quantities of psychoactive plants that are otherwise known as Schedule I drugs. Be aware, that it’s a religious organization.

Psilocybin spores are technically legal in Alabama, so one can discretely cultivate a small amount of shrooms for personal use. Psilocybe Caerulscens grows in Alabama in late spring-early summer, but it’s strongly recommended not to eat mushrooms from the wild. Some lookalikes are deadly.

Alabama organizations

Chris Rushing, the founder of the Church of Inner Light, lives with his wife Janice and two adult sons just five minutes down the road from the Baptist church. On full moon nights, he and about a dozen others can be found in the woods of his 40-acre private land plot. Drinking peyote tea and eating peyote powder from a wooden bowl passed clockwise around the circle, the party gathers around a pit. There will be no mention of hell here, unlike the rest of the county.

Today, anyone can join ONAC for $200 and obtain a membership card that gives them the legal right to possess and ingest small quantities of psychoactive plants that are otherwise known as Schedule I drugs. Though peyote has been upheld by the Supreme Court, there is still a lot of grey ground surrounding cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. Chris Rushing, on the other hand, is able to give plant medicine ceremonies in Alabama to people like Carter because of this model.

A recent wave of clinical studies involving psychedelic compounds shows promising results for treating depression, addiction, PTSD, and other mental health disorders, after decades of stalled development.

According to research data, lifetime classic psychedelic is associated with a reduced odds of past year larceny/theft, past year assault, past year arrest for a property crime, and past year arrest for a violent crime. It means, that legal psychedelics would make Alabama a safer place.

Unfortunately psychedelics – assisted therapy is not legal in Alabama yet with ane exception of off-label Ketamine use.

Recent evidence suggests that intravenous Ketamine may be one of the most significant advances in antidepressant treatment. Ketamine is being legally used off-label for the treatment of various mood and pain disorders in Alabama. On the other hand, classic psychedelics, but not Ketamine, produce persistent antidepressant-like effects.