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    Despite the huge therapeutic potential, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is not part of standard medical care yet. Self-medicating with psychedelics can produce undesired results, but despite that, more and more people feel disappointed with the efficacy of the current treatments and they turn to risky, but potentially more beneficial psychedelic-assisted therapy. The goal of this guide is harm reduction for people, who decided to self-medicate, we don’t encourage possession or consumption of illicit substances even for therapeutic endeavours.

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Psychedelics – assisted psychotherapy in Kentucky

Legal status of psychedelics in Kentucky

Kentucky has five different schedules for controlled substances, ranging from Schedule I to Schedule V. Schedule I substances considered:

  • To have a high potential for abuse and
  • To have no approved medical care in the United States or are not safe to use in medical treatment. LSD, marijuana, and magic mushrooms are Schedule I drugs.

Whether simple possession is a misdemeanor or felony depends on several factors, including the substance involved, the amount, and whether charges are first, second or third degree. Generally, the greater the amount of a substance in possession, the worse things are.

For a first or second offense, the judge may subject the defendant to presumptive probation, or a deferred prosecution program. These alternatives are applied for first offenses, and available (though not favored) for second offenses. Presumptive probation or a deferred prosecution program allow a defendant to enter into a probation program, and if the defendant carries out the conditions placed on probation by the judge, the defendant may be discharged and released without paying fines or spending the applicable time in prison.

A class A misdemeanor can be filed against someone who knowingly holds small amounts of psychedelics. If convicted, one could face a $500 fine, up to a year in prison, or both.

Knowingly possessing salvia for human consumption is a class B misdemeanor. Penalties include a fine of $250, up to 30 days in jail, or both.

The safest way to obtain psychedelics in Kentucky

The safest way to use psychedelics in Kentucky is by joining the religious organization Aya Quest. Kentucky citizens should feel comfortable purchasing or possessing psilocybin spores within the state. Kentucky’s drug classification statutes do not list psilocybin mushroom spores as a prohibited controlled substance. Growing magic mushrooms is still illegal.

Given the state’s history of harsh drug laws and harsh penalties, it’s unlikely that lawmakers would opt to decriminalize or legalize psychedelics in the near future. However, as the federal campaign for decriminalization grows, who knows what could be possible.

Aya Quest Native Americas Church is worlds away from upscale West Coast Ayahuasca retreats. Behind blacked-out windows of an aluminum-sided building in the Arrowhead mobile home park, a former bank robber Steve Hupp charges about $395 to visitors from all over the country seeking enlightenment or healing from post-traumatic stress, depression or addiction.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, ayahuasca contains Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a schedule 1 controlled substance that is illegal to possess. Hupp claims he is covered by a 2006 Supreme Court decision that says the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 requires religious organizations to use it. Before they may participate in Hupp’s festivities, they must first become participants of the church.