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    Despite the huge therapeutic potential, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is not part of standard medical care yet. Self-medicating with psychedelics can produce undesired results, but despite that, more and more people feel disappointed with the efficacy of the current treatments and they turn to risky, but potentially more beneficial psychedelic-assisted therapy. The goal of this guide is harm reduction for people, who decided to self-medicate, we don’t encourage possession or consumption of illicit substances even for therapeutic endeavours.

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Psychedelics – assisted psychotherapy in Michigan

Legal status of psychedelics in Michigan
Possession of hallucinogenic substances such as LSD, Peyote, PCP, and Psilocybin is illegal in the state of Michigan, and if you are caught with them, you could face state or federal charges. Although using these substances is typically a misdemeanor, possessing them in any quantity is a felony.
The safest way to obtain psychedelics in Michigan

Psilocybe spores are technically legal in Michigan, so one can discretely cultivate a small amount of shrooms for personal use.

The safest place to obtain psychedelics in Michigan is Ann Arbor, where the drugs are decriminalized. Festivals and concerts are the best places to go for psychedelics. The majority of the dealers can be recognized by their appearance and you can test the drugs in the harm reduction tent.  If you’re looking for the shrooms in the wild, don’t bother. You don’t have enough experience to stay alive, as shown by the fact that you are looking for information here. These mushrooms’ lookalikes are deadly and much more popular than the ones you like.

Six months after Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor successfully persuaded city council members in Ann Arbor, Michigan to vote to decriminalize psychedelic drugs, citing the promise they keep in treating mental health problems, some members of the organization are now attempting to do the same with state lawmakers.

The recently formed Decimalize Nature MI group is ramping up efforts to gather signatures for a ballot initiative, with the aim of hitting Michigan voters by the end of the year. The ballot is still being finalized, but supporters hope it will reflect the legislation passed by Ann Arbor lawmakers in September, such as instructing police not to waste public money or resources investigating possession or private production for noncommercialized use of psychedelic therapies.

Psilocybin, contained in more than 100 species of mushrooms; mescaline, found in the San Pedro and peyote cacti; ibogaine, derived from the African shrub iboga; and dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a component of ayahuasca tea produced from South American plants, are among the psychedelics planned to be included in the measure. The Controlled Substances Act officially classifies them all as Schedule 1 drugs.