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    Despite the huge therapeutic potential, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is not part of standard medical care yet. Self-medicating with psychedelics can produce undesired results, but despite that, more and more people feel disappointed with the efficacy of the current treatments and they turn to risky, but potentially more beneficial psychedelic-assisted therapy. The goal of this guide is harm reduction for people, who decided to self-medicate, we don’t encourage possession or consumption of illicit substances even for therapeutic endeavours.

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Psychedelics – assisted psychotherapy in New York

Legal status of psychedelics in New York
Possession, distribution, and cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms are all prohibited in New York. That means it’s against the law to cultivate psychedelic mushrooms for personal use. If you are convicted of a drug offense involving psychedelic mushrooms, you could face a lengthy jail term and a hefty fine.

A suspect who is in possession of hallucinogens may be charged with a felony in New York State or face federal charges. Defendants in New York will be charged with possession unless the prosecution can prove the defendant sold hallucinogens, in which case he will be charged with criminal selling. On the federal level, however, a defendant may be charged with intent to sell based solely on his possession of a reasonable quantity of a hallucinogenic substance. This charge is much more severe than mere possession.

The particular hallucinogen under the defendant’s jurisdiction, as well as the quantity of the substance in the defendant’s possession, determine the penalties under New York and federal law. In New York, for example, if you have less than 5 milligrams of LSD, you could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. Criminal possession in the seventh degree is a felony that carries a sentence of up to a year in prison. However, if you have five to 25 mg of LSD, you’ll be charged with a Class B felony. The sentence could range from one to nine years in jail. If you have more than 25 mg, you’ll be charged with criminal possession in the second degree, which carries a sentence of three to ten years in prison.

There is no law in NY restricting the sale of psilocybe spores as federal statutes do not touch on the issue. There is no active psilocybin present in spores so they are legal to buy or sell.

The safest way to obtain psychedelics in New York

Psilocybe spores are technically legal in New York, so one can discretely cultivate a small amount of shrooms for personal use.

A New York legislator is proposing that psychedelic mushrooms be decriminalized in the state. The reform bill was introduced by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D) on Monday. Psilocybin and psilocin, two of the key psychoactive ingredients in so-called magic mushrooms, would be removed from the list of controlled substances, according to the bill. This bill is identical to one filed by Rosenthal last year, with the exception that the previous version only covered psilocybin, while the current version also covers psilocin. The bill has now been referred to the Assembly Health Committee for consideration.